Where can I get the numbers for the mailboxes?


Several mailboxes in the community are missing their numbers and we would like to provide information on where to obtain replacement numbers. There are two sources: 1. The manufacturer of the mailboxes - Addresses of Distinction https://www.addressesofdistinction.com/product/two-inch- williamsburg-brass-numbers/ 2. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/SelfadhesiveWilliamsburgBrassMailboxNumber/dp/B015EFUOAQ/ref=pd_sim_60_1?_encoding=U TF8&pd_rd_i=B015 EFUOAQ&pd_rd_r=EF6NKNCZR4S0VJ2N9DGW&pd_rd_w=n4GOq&pd_rd_wg=47en M&psc=1&refRID=EF6%20NKNCZR4S0VJ2N9DGW
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