Here you will find the latest information concerning you community and when lawn service will be performed.

Update on HOA Quarterly Payments

The association will nolonger be mailing out coupon books for quarterly payments to members. Quarterly statements will be mailed to members.

If members have direct withdrawal set up through Cadence Bank (previously Superior) please download the cancellation form and fax it back to the bank to stop the withdrawal.

Members will also need to download the new direct withdrawal form and fill it out and submit it to the management company.

The association is providing the documents below to help members with this process.

Cadence Bank Auto Debit Cancellation Form

New Auto Debit Form


The speed limit in Park Charleston is 25 mph and even that speed is sometimes too fast on our narrow streets with children outside. Children are walking to the bus stop at the circle in the morning and home from there in the afternoon. Our children will soon be making the morning walks in the dark and play time is increasingly at dusk, so please drive carefully!
Keeping your animals in your fenced yard or on a leash is required by city ordinance and Park Charleston covenants. Picking up waste from your animals is also required on public or private property, not your own. Left behind ?accidents? are increasingly obvious along our sidewalks. Be a responsible pet owner and follow the law for everyone?s benefit.


We maintain a website at with a directory of residents and other information accessible with a resident sign-in password. If you have forgotten, or never received the password, please respond to this email with a request for the password and we will be delighted to send it to you. The web directory was updated as of today (10-1-2013), so it may take a couple of days for our Web Manager to get that section updated.


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